Welcome to Vege Label's Ambassadors Program! 

Our mission is to redefine fashion and promote a cruelty free, no animal sacrifice brand for all the power women out there. 

As an Instagram born-and-bred, female led company, we’re a strong believer in women empowerment, doing good for our planet and of course fashion. 

Our ambassadors program will choose 10 Instagram/Facebook Influencers to feature our handbags every month. If you're interested in joining our elite team, we'd love to review an application from you! 


  1. Have a following of more than 5,000 on Instagram and Facebook. Our brand is open to both big-name and smaller-scale influencers alike, anywhere from 5,000 to several million followers. So long as there is real engagement and positive content that reflects what we stand for (fashion, no animal sacrifice vegan leather, and woman empowerment ), we’d love to work with you!
  2. We will send you 3 vegan handbags worth about $600. You can pick any 3 you like from our store at 
  3. 1 permanent feed post on IG and FB for each handbag we send you -  featuring you with our product, mention us and tag us!
  4. 1 multi-slide 24 hour Story on IG and FB for each handbag we send you - a story featuring our product each on different days, mention us and tag us!
  5. Email us 2-5 additional images of each handbag we send you from your photo shoot so we can show them off on our Instagram page and Facebook page @vegelabel


For inspiration on the types of posts we love, you can check out our Instagram page: @veglabel